Great Things

In 2017, Trump once said if we aligned with Russia instead of remaining at odds with them, the USA and Russia could accomplish “Great Things”. Recent events are so unpredictable, absurd and beyond factual, yet some people refuse to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. “Great Things” represents an alternate reality where the United States aligns with Russia in the guise of “fighting ISIS and North Korea” but essentially for power, money and new hotels. A combination of the American flag, new Russian flag and old Soviet flag break down and intertwine visually. The combination of flags is transformed into three hanging banners. The tattered and burned edges represent struggle and conflict. In the center is a somewhat hidden and simplified version of Trumps iconic and ridiculous hair devoid of a head, soul or substance. The three banners are hand-painted and translucent to allude to the lack of transparency in our new regime. As our Autocratic leader would say, “How can we deny Great Things?”